My Title Lies

This last year has been the most significant in my life. It has brought forth challenges that I had never faced the likes of. Some I overcame and learned from, others I failed miserably and still learned from. I have learned that I enjoy writing, even if I’m not particularly good at it. I have learned how to read a book with a pencil in hand and still enjoy it. I have learned that I enjoy blogging, even if no one reads it unless they are required to do so.

And that is why the title of this blog lies. “The Only Blog I Will Ever Make” should have been titled “The Only Blog I Ever Intend To Make.” Writing this blog has made me realize that I enjoy writing in an informal setting. I often times (that one was just for you Ms. Magnuson) amuse myself while writing these posts, and I hope that I have managed to amuse you a little bit too. I also hope that you learned something from my musings. I don’t claim to be terribly knowledgeable, but every once in a while, I say something thought provoking (I hope).

You have probably gathered that I intend to start another blog. I have been toying with this idea for a while now, and I have decided to try it. I have decided to use a pen name, because pen names are kinda cool, and I need a new name to blame for writing something that I don’t particularly feel like taking credit for. I decided to go with Aapeli Addison. First of all, it has that awesome alliteration that makes it fun to say. Secondly, and more importantly, it is because of the meaning. Aapeli means “breathing” or “breath.” It will hopefully serve as a constant reminder to try and make my writing full of life. Addison means “son of Adam.” The translation I am using for Adam is dust. This description sums me up pretty well: Aapeli Addison, breathing son of dust. One kind of cool thing that I realized is that Aapeli is Finnish, according to Google, for Able. So it works on another level too, because in the Bible, Able was Adams son. I don’t know what to promise with this new blog. I will try and write posts consistently, but I don’t know what the future will bring. I hope it will bring a little life into your world.

So my friends as I sign off for the last time, I will leave you all with this advice: don’t take yourself too seriously, it’s a mistake I have made time and time again. I have learned that when we feel insignificant, that is when we seem to be happiest. Laugh at yourself, realize how small you are, don’t take yourself too seriously because life’s better that way.

The link to my new blog is here:


2 thoughts on “My Title Lies

  1. Michael, every part of this post made me so happy. I grimaced over “often times” and then laughed out-loud. But mostly I’m just delighted that you plan to keep writing — to keep sharing your humor and your insights. You have a strong voice and important things to say (and yes, I do realize that I just said “things”), and I love your explanation of your pen name — thoughtful and powerful.


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