To Love

I was in America this summer when gay marriage was legalized. I didn’t think it was a big deal until we went to church on Sunday. The pastor was very upset and felt that he needed to share a sermon on the subject. I shared this with some cousins and it turned out that in most churches across America, this was a common occurrence.

Churches across the world have problems with gay marriage, and it makes sense, the Bible has passages in Leviticus where it says that men should not lie with men. Many Christians agree that it is a sin. And so they go on preaching that if you are gay, then you can’t be Christian and there’s no way you are following God.

Here’s the problem with this: if being gay is wrong because it is a sin, then who are we to judge. Gay is the only sin that we label people with. You wouldn’t introduce your friend like this: “Hey guys, this is my friend Bob who puts things in his life before God.” So why do people introduce their friends like this: “Hey guys, this is my gay friend Bob”? Its ridiculous if you think about it. We treat them like a different class of people, because they sin differently than we do.

If the Church discriminates against gays because being gay is a sin, then they are missing the message of the Gospel. Jesus came for the sinners. That was the whole point of his coming. He came to forgive us and to love us, and he calls us to do the same, to everyone. Because we all sin. Just because someone sins in a different way, it doesn’t make them worse people than we are.


3 thoughts on “To Love

  1. I really appreciate your perspective on this Michael. It also upsets me how so many Christians judge gay people or hate on them because they believe it’s a sin, and don’t treat other sins the same way. Whether it’s a sin or not, there’s one thing I know for sure, and that is that God commands us to love others, despite their sins. One thing you did really well with this post was drawing the reader in with a story. Then you connected the story with what you had about the topic. There wasn’t much I could find to improve, but since you talk about the Church, the Gospel, and Jesus, it might make it even more powerful if you included some scripture about loving others. Really excellent blog post!


  2. Dear Michael, I really enjoy the point of view that you take on this topic. I like how were very specific in your statements and backed them up. I especially enjoyed how you pointed out that Christians judge gay people but this is not what God commands us to. Rather, God wants us to love each other. I would suggest expanding upon these Christian point of views. Bring out the Gospel Brother! Other than that, great post!


  3. “You wouldn’t introduce your friend like this: ‘Hey guys, this is my friend Bob who puts things in his life before God.'” Yes, yes, yes.

    Michael, you have an amazing gift of using humor to create strong and convicting points. You disarm your readers, then take them aback with arguments that are unexpected, yet, once stated, seem so very, very obvious.

    I’m really impressed with these last several posts. Humorous, cogent, and well-unified. Very nicely done.


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