Have you ever used or heard the phrase: I wish I was better at…? It’s a fairly common thing for people to say. The most people don’t wish that they were worse at something. Almost everyone out there is striving for excellence. But why? Is it because we are all striving to be the best human being we can be? Is excellence even worth striving for? What areas are worth the time trying to be excellent at? Or should I try to be excellent in all areas? These are questions that are worth asking. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the answers to any of them. All of these questions you have to decide for yourself. This isn’t just me being too lazy to answer them, I genuinely believe that these questions must be answered on a personal level to be meaningful.

I’ve been talking about striving for excellence, but what does that look like? How can we strive for excellence? To me striving for excellence is something that takes work. It’s not so much an action as it is an attitude. To me pursuing excellence is always asking yourself: how can I make that better? It’s hard. When you finally finish a huge project and then you don’t do as well as you thought u would, most of the time, the last thing you want to do is to try and redo it to make it better. To me that is what excellence is all about. You may think your great at something, and so you stop looking for ways to improve. When that happens, then the pursuit of excellence dies. Excellence isn’t about being the best at a thing, its about getting better at it. Personally, I never want to be the best at anything, because if I’m the best, then who do I learn from?


One thought on “Excellence

  1. I think you make several really great points in this post: [Striving for excellence is] not so much an action as it is an attitude. . . . Excellence isn’t about being the best at a thing, its about getting better at it.” Well put.

    Just watch your proofreading.


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