I Can Never Come Up With a Clever Title

Have you ever had a thing that you knew you needed to think about, but you really didn’t want to? Something that you would put off for as long as you possibly could? Growing up is one of those things for me. Some adult will ask me: So where are you thinking about going to college Michael? I usually say something along the lines of “America,” and then move on with my day without giving it any more thought. And then after I go to college, I have to get a job, which brings me to the topic I have been trying to put off (you see what I did there?): Resumes. I am fully aware that the two e’s have accents on them, but I don’t know how to insert that symbol in this program. Deal with it.

Resumes can be scary things for different reasons. One is that they force you to put down your accomplishments on paper. You list down everything you have done that other people might think is worthwhile. Its scary how short of a list it can be. On the other hand, for some people it might be hard to list all the things they’ve done without feeling like they are bragging. Ultimately, by writing a resume, you take on the role of a salesman. Your product: you. You have to make people want you. That’s hard to do. Need an example? My last date. Just kidding… I don’t go on dates.

But this blog isn’t just a place for me to vent to. I try to give you at least some form of advice with every post. If you are going to write a resume, you should probably do research on how other than simply reading this blog post. You really don’t want to trust me with something as big as a possible job. So I will try to make the following list one that you won’t see when doing other research.

Know what job you are applying for. That sounds kind of obvious, but hear me out. When you apply for a job, you want to do a resume that is appropriate. A resume for an artist will look different than a resume for a law company.

Keep it professional. Although it might be the thing your best at, you probably don’t want to put jokes on your resume. You might get a letter back saying something like “I liked the joke you put on your resume, do you want to hear another joke? You got the job.” Also you probably shouldn’t put an emoji on your resume.

Although it may be the best quality about you, putting “sexy” as a strength is probably something you shouldn’t do. There are some jobs where that would be a helpful point, but if you are hoping to get one of those jobs, you might have other issues that should be resolved before you finish your resume.

I hope these things were helpful, and if nothing else, I hope it made you smile a little bit. Enjoy your week, and don’t take yourself too seriously, life’s better that way.


2 thoughts on “I Can Never Come Up With a Clever Title

  1. Nice Michael! This is a very boring topic yet you managed to make it interesting and funny, which is definitely an a accomplishment! You had a catchy introduction that didn’t give away what you were talking about right away, and your title drew the reader in because they didn’t know what it was about (was that intentional?). Just be careful with proofreading. I noticed a few times the misuse of ‘you’re’ as ‘your’, and there were a few grammatical issues, but other than that, great job!


  2. Well done, michaelloewer. I appreciate the light tone of this post. You don’t take it too seriously, so a topic that otherwise would be bland becomes less of a burden. I enjoyed the avoidance of the topic at the beginning (Very nice). One thing you could do is to copy the word “résumé” from any site that has the word spelled correctly (With the accents). It really is only one step, but since that’s all that I could think of, it’s not really important. Well done.


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