Dr. Seuss- The Thinks I think About You

I’ve been reading about Dr. Seuss recently for school, and I am beginning to remember that part of my childhood. Part of our assignment is to come up with a “If Dr. Seuss were a… he would be a … I thought you guys might want to hear what I thought Dr. Seuss would be, so here goes.

Also bear in mind that if Dr. Seuss were any of these things, he would be something that he made up, but I will try and think of something real so that everyone knows what I am talking about

If Dr. Seuss were a(n)…

Animal, he would be a chimpanzee. Why? Firstly because he is pretty smart. Secondly, because he amuses himself, and when I think of chimps, I think of them playing around and generally enjoying themselves. The Third and least important reason, is that Dr. Seuss has been studied quite a bit.

Plant, he would be grass. The kind that is soft and inviting. The kind you want to lie down in and just stay there, because that’s how I feel about the places he creates.

article of clothing, he would be a Thneed. OK, so I lied to you when I told you that I would only use real words. I’m sorry, but a Thneed sums his writing up well: its got a little bit of everything.

Day of the week, he would be a Thriday, I broke my rule again. Sorry. A Thriday is a Thursday when there is some sort of holiday or day off the next day, so it is like a Friday. Hence Thriday. He would be a Thriday because days like those are few and far between, and they are always special.

Food, he would be an Ethiopian Mixed Platter, because there are so many different flavours of Dr. Seuss.

Color, I think yellow, because his writing is bright and exciting.

Shape, he would be tesseract, because his writing is on the next level.

Smell, he would be the a candle, because just like a candle fills the rooms of your house, his writing can fill your heart.

Type of building, he would be a veranda, because his writing is always welcoming to everyone.

Word, he would be a word that he made up and no one else knew.

Musical instrument, he would be a sackbut, because the name might amuse him.

Season of the year, he would be Spring, because each different book of his is new and refreshing.

Appliance, he would be a kindle, because he enjoyed books.

Natural Phenomenon, he would be thunder, because you can hear his voice in all of his works.

Literary character, he would probably be like Huckleberry Fin, because he makes up some pretty great stories.

So there’s my list guys. This week was  a little different, and I hope you enjoyed it.





One thought on “Dr. Seuss- The Thinks I think About You

  1. Dear Michael, I enjoyed reading this post. One specific thing that I enjoyed about this post is how precise, concise, and brief you were about your list. You didn’t beat around the bush. You stated what Dr. Seuss was and why. However, although I liked that aspect of your post, keep in mind that being too brief can be harmful. It may sometimes come off as lazy and unthoughtful. I know that is not the case, but be mindful of that. Other than that, really well done!


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