The word research means different things to different people. To some, it means hours of fun while they learn new things about something that they find interesting. To others it means hours of torture in which they are forced to do something that they really, really don’t want to do. Whether you love or hate research, or somewhere in between, what we research is important.

The goal of  most people when they do research, is to do good research, most people don’t start out a research project thinking: “Hey, I’m going to see how bad I can do on this assignment.” But how do we do good research?

The first thing that goes into good research is to research something you care about. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but if you want to do good research, you really need to care. Research takes time and effort, and if you are trying to spend that on something you don’t care about, research will turn into something that you hate doing. It will become hours of torture. It will become that thing that you always put off until the last possible moment.

Something else that teachers love to talk about in research is how we research. Plagiarism, good sources, etc. are things that nobody really enjoys talking about, so I will not. I will, however, talk about why these things are important. Your teachers have undoubtedly given you good reasons, but you probably haven’t thought about why we should do good research. Whatever reason that you come up with, it all comes down to learning. The point of research is to learn, and if you are cheating with your research, you are cheating yourself of the learning that comes with it.


4 thoughts on “Research

  1. Hey Michael. I really enjoyed this post. One specific thing that I enjoyed was how you asked the audience a rhetorical question that relates back to your main point about research. This allowed me to think and take in both my opinions and your opinions. One thing that I might add is that you should expand on why how we research is still important (the plagiarism bit). You state that it is but then you state that you won’t tell us. Just some more expansion would have been better. Other than that, great post brother!


  2. Hey Michael great post! I really liked how in your introduction you opened the topic of research up to everyone, the people that enjoy it and the people that hate it addresses/ includes everybody before you actually begin. I also liked how you reflected that research is all about learning, and if we cheat ourselves out of it with bad research habits, really we are just robbing ourselves of the opportunity to learn. A minor critique I think we be just to expand on your thoughts more, you touch on a lot of habits and ideas surrounding research or how to properly achieve “good” research but you don’t quite fully explain what those are to the audience. Overall well done!


  3. Hey Michael.
    Well done. You do a good job introducing your idea and then following it up with two specific ideas/points.
    One suggestion: I think maybe the first sentence of the second paragraph is missing a word? Or maybe not, but its a little confusing.
    Hope this helps.


  4. Love your point about researching something we care about.

    Just watch out for run-ons (and commas cutting between a subject and its verb): “The goal of most people when they do research, is to do good research, most people don’t start out a research project thinking . . .”


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