There is something about getting on an airplane that is undeniably exciting. Perhaps it is the excitement of flying, of being hundreds of miles off of the ground going at speeds which our ancestors would never have dreamed of, or perhaps it is the excitement of going somewhere you haven’t gone before, kind of like Star Trek, but without the cool narrator. Despite the excitement of getting on an airplane, there is a feeling of sadness; because in order to get on that airplane to go do exciting new things, you have to leave the place you are behind.

            We are leaving the year 2015 and heading to a new one. For some people this is a bigger deal than others. Some people don’t care what year it is, their lives haven’t changed much from this new year to the last; they’ve been with their company one year longer, but they haven’t seen a raise. Those at school might see a change in their classes, but for the most part their lives will carry on in the same fashion, and they will keep living their lives like they always have. For others the new year is an exciting thing, it is a chance to make and break new resolutions, it is a chance to change. Whatever the new year means to you, we have left the old one behind, and I would challenge you to look back at 2015. There are good things and bad things in every year, look back at 2015 and pick out the good. Just as you pack your favorite and necessary things to take with you on an airplane, take the things that made you grow in 2015 and bring them with you into 2016. Leave the rest behind, and fly off and begin your year anew.


3 thoughts on “Flying

  1. Michael, I like the challenge your posed to the reader in your last sentence. Also, your airplane example let me clearly understand what you were trying to say. Referring to the scenario both in the beginning and at the end of the post let your post stay on topic and work as a whole- well done! One small improvement you could make is the phrase “you have to leave the place you are behind” on your first paragraph. Although I got your idea, the wording confused me a little. However otherwise, great job!


  2. Nice blog post Michael! I like how you kept it short, yet had such a great point and challenge for others. I also thought your analogy was very insightful and a cool way of looking at it. One thing you might consider changing is the layout of the post. I noticed that the first paragraph isn’t indented and the second one is. Maybe that was an intentional choice, but it could be distracting to some people and take away from your point. Other than that, I thought your blog post was pretty great!


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