Looking back at our lives is something that some of us do more than others. If you are anything like me looking back mostly leads to you wondering how and why you did something. This past semester has challenged and improved my writing more than any other. I have started to actually think about how to make my writing better rather than simply do what is adequate to turn in.

In class essays are a huge part the writings that we do in our language and literature class. They do not bring me joy. I think that they are good teachers, and I think that the best way to get better at writing is to write. I think that even if the essays were never graded, but we just started writing and had discussions on that writing we would improve dramatically.

Another element of writing well is reading well. I have read several books over the course of the semester and I have gotten better about enjoying books that I have to read, while still thinking analytically about them. In a perfect world, to improve writing, half the time would be spent writing and discussing writing and the other half would be reading and discussing literature.

This last semester has been a good one. There have been assignments that made me want to rip my hair out, and others that made me happy. Through the course of it all, life goes on. Whether we are ready for it or not. Life will continue on its tracks. I have learned a bit over the last semester to let my writing lead me where it will. Let your writing take you for a ride, you’ll have a blast, I promise.


One thought on “Reflections

  1. Hey Michael.
    Nice job with this post. I liked how you focused on the good parts of the class while still addressing the bads.
    One thing I think could be improved on is the connection between the paragraphs. They all center around AP Lang. as a class, but I think more of formal connection could be good. Hope that is helpful.


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