I was recently challenged to come up with a list of at least fifty things that I am thankful for. I thought about it for a while, and then decided that the challenge was a good one, so here it is a list of fifty things, in no particular order, I am thankful for.

I am thankful for/that…

  1. I can write, even if only at a mediocre level.
  2. Kenya; my homeland where my heart lies.
  3. I can sing, how well I sing depends on who you ask, but I love to sing, and I am happy that I am able to.
  4. Music, this might seem like cheating, but being thankful that I can sing, and being thankful for music are two different things.
  5. Family.
  6. I have never been unable to do something I really wanted to because of health issues.
  7. My shuka (a Masai blanket).
  8. Fans (the kind that blow air).
  9. My school is doing the musical Les Miserables.
  10. For my friends.
  11. For the computer that I am using to write this.
  12. The smell that comes after rain.
  13. Christmas.
  14. Comedians.
  15. Teachers that care.
  16. Jacaranda trees.
  17. Food, so much that I can have three meals everyday without worry.
  18. Deodorant (The people around me are thankful too).
  19. Americans. If they were gone who would I have to make fun of?
  20. Clothes. Aside from being warm and comfortable, they make life a lot less awkward. Can you imagine trying to describe someone? Who? That guy with the big … nose.
  21. T.V. How would we waste our time without it?
  22. Frisbee.
  23. The Beatles. What would music be without them?
  24. Swivel chairs, no explanation needed.
  25. I’m halfway done with this list.
  26. Great movies.
  27. Table Tennis.
  28. Hammocks.
  29. Video Games. Without video games, what would mothers tell their male children to stop doing?
  30. A bed to sleep in.
  31. Paper clips. I think they are cool.
  32. Inside jokes.
  33. Indoor plumbing, need I say more?
  34. My calculator. I could not get through math without it.
  35. Books.
  36. I am literate (you never would have guessed it).
  37. Opposable thumbs.
  38. Spel check, although mine is clearly not getting the job done.
  39. Light works even if I don’t understand it.
  40. Cookies.
  41. Bicycles.
  42. Procrastination, I wonder how they finally got around to inventing it.
  43. Veggie Tales.
  44. The beach.
  45. Sunsets.
  46. Words.
  47. Ice Cream.
  48. Gravity (the law of physics, not the movie).
  49. Star Wars; my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without it.
  50. Love.

But who says we have to stop here? We could keep going. The key to a contented heart is to be thankful. Just because Thanksgiving is one day of the year, doesn’t mean we can only be thankful for one day of the year. I will pass this challenge forward: make yourself a list of things you are thankful for. Don’t limit it to 50 things. Let it grow. When you think of something else, write it down.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Michael I really enjoyed reading this blog post 🙂 You’re effective use of humor throughout really kept it easy to read and showed your personality. I loved comparing our lists, what we found similar and things I didn’t think of, that I probably should have, added to my list. I also really liked your challenge at the end to the reader in creating their own lists of things their thankful for, and that we should be thankful everyday and not just on Thanksgiving. Although I don’t really have any major critiques, I would say that the list is hard to read through in going back and forth between your “I am thankful for/ that”. I would say maybe a possibility for this would to just include what tense you want at the beginning of each post, even though yes, that would take way more work. However, I think it might clarify your points and make your post more effective 🙂 all around well done I enjoyed reading it!


  2. Hey Michael! 🙂

    I absolutely loved your use of humor and rhetorical questions in this post which made it very fun, extremely engaging and entertaining to read. I especially like number 25 “thankful that you are half way down the list” 😛 and number 38 “spel check”. I also liked how you organized your post, starting off with a small intro, then listing 50 things your thankful for and ending with a brief conclusion that reminds us that being thankful is the key to being content. Elaborating more on why you are thankful for each of the things on the list and maybe using imagery to describe some of the things in the list like the beach and the sunsets would really strengthen your post and how why you are so thankful for them.

    Overall, excellent job, I enjoyed your writing style and how you allowed your personal voice to be portrayed through your use of humor and diction.


  3. Dear Michael
    Entertaining post. I like how you mixed your humour with deeper meaning throughout the post, I thought that it kept your post rather engaging. I agree, that thankfulness is the key to contentment. Overall, great post.


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