This Far by Faith

Both in reading and writhing, one hopes that a literary work is an effective one. Authors, when writing their works must attempt to make sure that it is an effective work. We as readers of the works should not take for granted that just because this book was published, it means that it is effective. We should read books critically, and not take for granted all that the book says. On the other hand, just because a book bored us out of our minds and we seriously thought about finding whoever published the book and making them publicly apologize, doesn’t make a book ineffective.

Recently I read a book called This Far by Faith. This Far by Faith is a compilation of different stories from African American history. From stories of people trying to escape the bonds of slavery, to Martin Luther King Jr. trying to throw off the injustices of segregation, to Hip Hop, This Far by Faith tells us the role that faith played in the events.

In order for us to accurately judge whether a literary work is an effective one, we first need to establish the what the purpose of the book is. A book may be entirely ineffective at keeping you entertained, but if the book is an encyclopedia, that is not the point. That is why we must look at the purpose of the book. After reading This Far by Faith, I think that the purpose is to educate the readers about the role of faith in the course of African American events, and to inspire the reader to think deeper about how faith effects the events of the day.

With this purpose in mind, This Far by Faith, is very effective. It gives good descriptions of the events with solid statistics to back it up. It displayed the side of history that the secular textbooks never really showed me. It told me what was going on behind the scenes that drove the people to do what they did. It showed their faith. I can’t speak for anyone else who read the book, but it left me wondering, if faith had the power to make people resist what seemed to be insurmountable hate and fear, where is that faith today?


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